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Please enter the information below to search receipts by driver's license or credit card. Receipts may take up to 7 days to become available.

Glossary of Fees and Charges on Your Receipt

Can't find your receipt?

  1. Receipts are only available online for 6 months from the date the car was returned.
  2. Rentals on company Hertz Charge Cards may require a driver's license for retrieval.
  3. A maximum of 20 receipts can be displayed. Please use "Advanced Search Options" to narrow your search.
  4. Receipts for Tasmania, Australia will only be found using a driver's license .
  5. Receipts for New Zealand rentals are not available online. Please contact 
  6. If it has been at least 7 days from when you returned the car and you still do not see your receipt, please contact customer service.
  7. Rentals in the U.S. and Canada paid for by European company Hertz Charge Cards, may return the original U.S. receipts in the U.S. currency. In these cases, they may not show adjustments or currency exchange rates.