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Hertz Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility
We’re here to get you there, as responsibly as possible.

Hertz works to integrate environmental sustainability across its operations, from our car washes to the way we build our rental locations. We work to ensure that our customers are able to make sustainable choices too. Fuel efficiency matters to you, so when it comes to choosing a vehicle, we help you make the most informed and environmentally friendly decision. With more than 8,000 hybrids worldwide, we make it easy to do the “green” thing.

Green Traveler Collection

The Green Traveler Collection is our curated vehicle class organized around alternative–fuel vehicles. Available in select locations, hybrid vehicles in the class offer you significant fuel economy and lower emissions.

Fuel Efficient Fleet

Hertz is proud that 67% of our U.S. fleet averages 32+ HWY MPG. For your next trip choose one of our fuel-efficient cars. It’s easier on the planet and your wallet

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